Dr. Shahanum Mohamad Shah
SEADOM President

Dear members

I welcome you to the SEADOM website.

I am humbled and honoured to assume the role of President of SEADOM for the next two years and I look forward to the opportunity to lead the association for the new term. Many developments have occurred in the association during the past few years and together with the Executive Council, we will continue with positive changes in the efforts of fulfilling SEADOM’s mission while exploring ways to enhance and foster relationships among SEADOM members. Our next phase of growth will continue the focus on developing a more coherent regional identity while enabling quality interactions between members and a shared sense of community and of purpose. We will be bringing new initiatives to the association to broaden and deepen our work moving forward and we hope that these initiatives will bring amyriad of possibilities that will engage our members. I invite you to become active in this association for us to see continuous musical interactions across Southeast Asia.

Thank you.    


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