The SEADOM Association grew out of an initial idea to hold a conference of Asian music administrators where ideas, friendships, and collaborations could be formed. This original meeting was held at the campus of the College of Music, Mahidol University on 12-13 July 2008. Invitations to the meeting were extended throughout Asia, but the responses of interest were most strong in Southeast Asia, and that group decided that Southeast Asia should be the focus of attention for the association as it moved forward.

Since 2008, SEADOM congresses have met in Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. In 2012, the association selected its first pro-tem council who would continue initial association organization going forward. Prof. Bernard Lanskey, past Dean of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore was selected the first association group president. In 2013, a SEADOM office was established at Mahidol University with the support of funding secured from the Thailand government. In 2014, SEADOM became registered as an official association in Thailand. In 2018, SEADOM was recognized by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat as the first music-related NGO to be associated with ASEAN.


SEADOM is a Southeast Asia cultural and educational network, which was established in 2008 (see SEADOM History). It represents the interests of institutions that are concerned with training for the music profession. Today, SEADOM has over 80 members in all 10 countries in Southeast Asia and throughout the world and countires to work towards its core mission aims for the good of musicians in the region.

SEADOM works for the advancement of Southeast Asia Music Education with a particular focus on professional training for musician as they engage with music, the arts and culture in contemporary society and for future generations. It does this through providing support, information, network opportunities and expert advice to the specialist institutions offering advanced music education, through engaging in advocacy and partnership-building at the regional and international levels.

Whilst music is the primary focus of SEADOM, dance and drama are often taught alongside music in the specialist institutions represented by the Association and, under those circumstances, its mission actively embraces these disciplines. The statements made here, and in the Aims, Objectives and Values of SEADOM, should therefore be regarded as also applying, where relevant, to these sister performing arts.

Aims of the Association:

  • To facilitate cooperation at regional level and represent the interests of the professional music training sector in Southeast Asia
  • Celebrate the richness and diversity of music in the region
  • Promote the role and importance of professional music training in Southeast Asian societies
  • Provide a platform for sharing of expertise, developments and best practices at institutional, national and regional levels
  • Encourage exchange and collaborations between institutions and nations
  • Organize an annual conference for its members, encompassing areas of research, music education, composition, ensemble playing, Southeast Asian traditions and performance
  • SEADOM missions and aims are realized through the working themes.

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