SEADOM Honorary Award in Music Leadership

The SEADOM Honorary Award in Music Leadership may be conferred on a living person whose contributions to music leadership in Southeast Asia is outstanding and of lasting importance to professional music training in the region. The successful candidate should have experience working at a senior music leadership level in professional music training, while demonstrating high standards and an excellent track record.

Nominations can be made to the SEADOM Executive Committee at any time. The nominees are voted on by the Executive Committee at their winter meeting. The award can be bestowed yearly at the annual SEADOM Congress.

The SEADOM Honorary Award does not have to be given every year, and it is also possible to award more than one per year .  (To maintain the highest prestige of the award, the executive committee shall be particularly selective regarding nominees and recipients).

The SEADOM Honorary Award can be given only by the Officers and Executive Council of SEADOM through the following nomination/election process. The SEADOM President shall administer the nominations and elections. (It is recommended that the SEADOM President initiate the nominations procedure in October of each year or as often as is agreed upon by the Officers and Executive Council). Nominations can be made by any member of SEADOM. Sanction for the award is given upon affirmative vote by a minimum of two thirds of the Executive Council.

Honorary Award Benefits:
SEADOM membership fees (associate Individual) waived for life
Complimentary conference registration for all SEADOM Congresses for life
Special invitations to Congress Events

Award Recipients 

2023 - Bernard Lanskey


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