Sparking Regional Synergies

Published 17 Jun, 2019

  April 19, 2019   Article by: Ilysia Tan Jiayng (Year 2, Composition – front row, fifth from left)Nigel Foo Shi Rong (Year 2, Harp – back row, sixth from left) Photo credits: Southeast Asian Directors of Music (SEADOM) Congress and attendees From 11-16 March, we took ... [read more]

How can we improve music education in Southeast Asia?

Published 24 Jun, 2019

My background and aim of the participation in SEADOM             Recently, my native country, Japan, and ASEAN countries are closely related to each other in various fields, such as business, culture, and education. Some Japanese companies, for example, have bases in ASEAN, and many people come ... [read more]

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