Southeast Asia Music Leadership Initiative (SEAMLI)

ANNOUNCEMENT! Southeast Asia Music Leadership Initiative (SEAMLI)
Are you someone who is eager to be the force of change, to standout from the crowd and take charge for the betterment of tomorrow’s music? Your destiny is knocking at your door. SEADOM presents to you the Southeast Asia Music Leadership Initiative (SEAMLI): the 3-day certificate leadership training program that will bring out the leader that is in you. The SEAMLI program is for all kinds of music leaders; whether you are a student, professional musician, an already established music leader amongst your community, or even if you have no prior leadership experience whatsoever.
Experienced music leaders who are deans from music schools around the world, such as the former dean of the Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California, and chair members from large music organizations, such as the former chair of MUSIQUE Europe, and many more will be there to help guide you to became a capable leader. The SEAMLI program will take place at the College of Music, Mahidol University from March 6-8, 2023. It ends just a day before our SEADOM 2023 Congress begins! This will make it easy for the participants of SEAMLI to also attend Southeast Asia’s largest music leadership conference as well, making it the ideal trip to establish a firm position in the Southeast Asian music leadership scene and give you all the backing you need to go lead your music community.


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