General Assembly SEADOM Congress 2020

SEADOM General Assembly 2020

Date: Friday 28 August 2020

Time: 9.30am BKK

Via Zoom Webinar


Attended by:

Professor Bernard Lanskey, President

Ms. Jenny Ang, SEADOM Secretary

Dr. Joseph Bowman, SEADOM Executive Director

Dr. Pamornpan Komolpamon, Assistant Dean

Dr. Narong Prangcharoen, SEADOM Treasurer

Nartpraween Suppasri, SEADOM officer


Anothai Nitibhon, Thailand

Agastya Rama Listya, Indonesia

Antonio Africa, Phillippines

Clare Suet Ching Chan, Malaysia

Dirk Stromberg, Singapore

Dulce Blanca Punzalan, phillippines

Isabella Pek, Malaysia

Jacqui Smith, Australia

Josefina Anotonio, Phillipines

Justin Hegburg

LaVerne de la Peña, Phillipines

Lily Chiam, Brunei Darussalam

Mayco Santaella, Malaysia

Natsarun Tissadikun, Thailand

Pichsiness Pyth Noppichayathada, Thailand

Ramona Mohd. Tahir, Malaysia

Rodney Ambat, Phillipines

Saveng Seng Aphay Veng

Tean Hwa P'ng, Malaysia

Tinh Vo, Viet Nam



Minutes of Meeting:

Associate Professor Khunying Wongchan Phinainitisatra, President of Princess Galyani Vadhana Instute of Music opened the meeting with words of welcome as host of the General Assembly in association with the PGVIM symposium “Is the Virtual Real”.


1.  SEADOM information sharing


1.1 President Comments
1.1.1 SEADOM CEO thanked PGVIM for graciously hosting the General Assembly online.


1.1.2 President thanked SEADOM Office holders and staff for managing the necessary adjustments to SEADOM events this year in light of the COVID-19, while noting that a range of activities continued to take place throughout the SEA region led by various institutions and individuals, offering different platforms for connecting.


1.1.3 President was pleased to report that there was significant representation of SEADOM at the annual Association of European Conservatoire’s congress (Turin, Italy in November 2019) through an official welcome address delivered by SEADOM Secretary at the AEC Opening Congress and attendance by 5 SEADOM Ex-Co members. SEADOM met with AEC’s President and CEO who very much welcomed SEADOM’s participation and association. SEADOM was also represented at the International Music Council (Paris, September 2019), as the regional representative for music education in SEA.


1.1.4 SEADOM was happy to note that SEAMEX took place at Yogyakarta in September 2019 with great success.


1.1.5 It was noted that the “30 under 30”, a project with support from the ABRSM wasunderway with great momentum.


1.1.6 President shared that networking remains critical for SEADOM members particularly in the current world situation, and SEADOM would continue its role as facilitator to enable different networking opportunities and other events such as the SEAMEX and PGVIS. The meeting reiterated that individual membership (ie not solely as representative of institution) is possible and would be very welcomed.


1.1.7 Elections for SEADOM Ex-Co would take place in March 2021 and members were strongly encouraged to put themselves forward as part of leadership renewal of the association. President shared that he would not be seeking re-appointment for the next term.


1.2 Minutes from 15 March 2019 at ISI Yogyakarta (For details follow the link:

There were no further comments.


1.3 Membership Info


CEO shared that despite the lack of a Congress event this year due to postponement, membership number has remained stable. The membership types now included a differentiation in the associate membership as adopted in the last General Assembly.



2.  SEADOM Finance

2.1 SEADOM Fiscal Information 2020 (For details follow the link:


CEO shared the current financial report. Annual auditing also took place this year as required by the Thai association rules.



3.  SEADOM Congress 2021


3.1 The congress themes and venue for 2020 would be postponed to 11-13 March 2021, and subsequently 2022 to be held in Cambodia.


3.2 SEADOM would review the situation and make a decision by November 2020 if 2021 would still require further adjustments to an online Congress. The usual “student project” next year would be driven by the “30 under 30” which are predominantly alumni of past SEADOM student projects.


4.  Other matters


4.1 As part of Q&A, members enquired and expressed interest for possibility of online student exchange. SEADOM clarified that for those who might be particularly interested in building connections and expertise in this field, SEADOM would be happy to connect them with each other and hear any further thoughts and proposals they might wish to share.


4.2 PGVIM would be sharing their experience presenting an online symposium via Webinar on 14 September in organising their current online conference.


4.3 Renewal notices for membership and an open call for SEADOM graduate assistant will go out next month.

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