3-minutes Interview with Dr.Citra Aryandari, SEAMEX 2019 Organiser

What activities can we expect in SEAMEX this year?

This year, we will present various segments of events such as music conference, music edu fair, music talk, music workshop, many music performances, and our special event is the ASEAN Youth Music Project for Choir and Orchestra. And of course, because this is a music marketplace in Southeast Asia, there will be various attractive promos from the music industries.


What is unique about SEAMEX being held at Yogyakarta?

Art, music, the music industry, and music education, all live and grow together here, so the atmosphere that was born has created an independent ecosystem, and has the potential to develop further in the future. Of course, this is very relevant to the purpose of SEAMEX which is not only trying to make music come alive, but also so that music can lift other aspects of life. Therefore, Yogyakarta is a representative place for the SEAMEX theme this year, "Music, Sphere, and Interconnected Generation".


Why should music institutions, lecturers and students join SEAMEX?

SEAMEX opens the opportunity for anyone in the music field to get together and get to know each other. This relationship will be very profitable in the future, given the globalism that goes before our consciousness. We, especially Southeast Asians, need to join hands to develop music education sphere.


How can music industry, and music education institutions support SEAMEX?

The easiest support, of course, we hope this event can be widely publicized. By spreading info about this event, at least we provide to many people to help open opportunities in the education and music industry. But of course, we really hope from all of you to support by participating directly and attending the SEAMEX event on 6-8 September 2019, in Yogyakarta. Because, by participating in this event, together we can open the widest network and relations in the Southeast Asian market.


What would you say to your readers?

This event is very interesting and awaits your participation. I am waiting for your presence in Yogyakarta on 6-8 September 2019.

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