The 12th SEADOM Congress 2023

The 12th SEADOM Congress 2023

The 12th SEADOM Congress

  • Date: 9 Mar, 2023 - 11 Mar, 2023
  • Theme: Managing Change
  • Venue: College of Music, Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Student project: SEADOM 30 under 30
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The 12th SEADOM Congress 2023 "Managing Change" Schedule

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Event Details

SEADOM is making a come back with our 12th SEADOM Congress. Over the past 2 years we have seen sudden and tremendous changes take place over night. COVID-19, the Russia-Ukraine war, military coups and so many more devastating events that brought forth new challenges for musical institutions and all of humanity.

For the 12th SEADOM Congress and building on this year’s feedback, the focus turns to “Managing Change”. For this topic, we will be bringing to Thailand international leaders from various musical institutions over the world to guide us on the leadership methodologies and tactics that they used to manage their institutional responsibilities. The speakers will introduce us to their most recent approaches based on many of the current events that have taken place while also taking into consideration that different environments necessitate different solutions. As such, these sessions will be about training ourselves and our institutions to be prepared to take on the most drastic and unexpected changes of our time; and also to help us better understand these critical factors that help making foolproof decisions that advance our goals when challenges arise.

Information of Fee Payment of 12th SEADOM Congress 2023

Amount of the Registration Fee

The congress is reserved for SEADOM MEMBERS only. There is a ฿2000 (Thai Baht) charge for the congress, which includes:

 Access to conference program book and other documents

 Participation at all plenary and parallel sessions 

 Networking opportunities

 Possibility to attend concerts organized by the SEADOM host institution 

 Some meals and coffee breaks 

 Have full access to the SEADOM website: be able add your institution information and advertise news and events from your institution

 Receive the bi-annual SEADOM newsletter

All Congress Participants must register to become active or associate members of SEADOM to attend. 

Membership Application Process

Those wishing to become an active or associate member of SEADOM should send a SEADOM application form and a formal letter clarifying the nature of their interest in wishing to become a SEADOM member to the SEADOM Office. For active membership, music schools should also provide detailed institutional information to give a clear picture of their mission. The SEADOM Council decides upon the admission of new members.

For new membership registration or renewal, please visit


The 12th SEADOM Congress will begin with registration on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 2.00 p.m. and the congress will conclude on Saturday, March 11, 2023 by 6.00 p.m. Participants should plan to make air flight arrangements accordingly. Note - there is a congress registration fee for this event of 2,000 THB per person, and all participants must be registered and current paid members of SEADOM (active or associate organization/associate individual membership).

Registration Process

To register for the 2023 SEADOM Congress please click on this google form link and answer the questions in the form. There are two methods you could use to register for the Congress:-

  1. Through Credit Card (Available for payment on January 16, 2023)


    2. By paying on arrival to the event

Please note that if you are planning to pay on arrival, kindly do not forfeit your plans on coming to Congress as we would have already made arrangements for food, space, etc. anticipating your arrival.

Categories of Membership 

Active membership
Music schools (conservatoires, colleges, academies or university departments/faculties, etc.) in ASEAN countries, and other equivalent institutions in Southeast Asia, in which full time opportunities exist for students to engage in education and training for the music profession. Each school member designates one representative as the voting member (usually Dean or Director or their appointed representative). Active membership entitles up to 4 people from an institution to attend the SEADOM Congress.

Associate Member (Organization)
Representatives from institutions, organizations and individuals who have a strong interest in the evolution of an international network for representing the education and training of music professionals in the Southeast Asian region. Institutions outside Southeast Asia can register for SEADOM as Associate Members. Associate membership entitles up to 2 people from an institution to attend the SEADOM Congress.

Associate Member (Individual)
Individuals with a strong interest in the development of music education in Southeast Asia and in particular with the evolution of a regional network to energize such growth. Individuals may have institutional affiliations but prefer to connect to the SEADOM at a personal level. Associate members are non-voting members. Associate member (individual) entitles the individual member to attend the yearly SEADOM Congress.


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