Notes from the President

With this introduction, I wanted to congratulate a number of people for recent initiatives across Southeast Asia. 

First of all, the last few months seem to have involved an unprecedented degree of regional projects - conferences, exchanges, events, initiatives - so congratulations to everyone who has been leading these events, both for their efforts in hosting them and for taking the time to share them across SEADOM. You will find some of the information and outcomes of these recent and upcoming events are shared in this edition of SEADOM CONNECTIONS. 

This SEADOM CONNECTIONS is also the first to be launched following the redesign of our website. You will see that it takes on a different format but also that it offers much more interactive potential than in the past. While more detail follows below, I wanted here to thank everyone involved in the relaunch, particularly those in the SEADOM Office but also beyond, for bringing it so successfully to fruition. 

With such initiatives, SEADOM itself is beginning to gain some traction, both in visibility beyond music within ASEAN but also in terms of global awareness of the riches of our musical ecosystem. I was recently at the European Association of Conservatoires Annual Congress in Graz where insights into our region (see article below) were shared alongside insights from the International Music Council (IMC: and the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) from the United States.I was subsequently approached that SEADOM might consider becoming registered as a Regional Member for IMC, which I will discuss at our next ExCo in January. 

Finally, a reminder to anyone interested in being considered for SEADOM ExCo that they are asked to declare their interest with the SEADOM Office by 15th January.
After a decade of interactions, we look forward to welcoming new people from the region to take on the responsibility as move into our second decade.

Prof. Bernard Lanskey

SEADOM President

Notes from the Chief Executive

Greetings from the SEADOM Office!  We are pleased to introduce you to our brand new SEADOM website (  This site contains a lot of features that will allow our organization to continue to grow and develop.  Online payment options, updatable member profiles, news updates – please take a moment to get your school registered and work on creating your school profile.  This is a great way to link your school with our other members in a tangible way so that we can continue to develop and cultivate our connections to each other! Please make use of the features and give us your feedback so we can continue to develop the site.

In other news we are beginning the planning and coordination work for next year’s Congress. Prof. Lanskey and I will travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia soon to visit Instit Seni Indonesia Yogjakarata, who will host next year’s event, and we will aim to release congress details in Mid-December so you can begin your planning!  We received a lot of valuable suggestions from last year’s Congress and look to make next year’s unique and impactful!

I am continually grateful for the support and feedback we receive from each of our member schools.  Your involvement is why SEADOM exists, and without you, there is no association.  Please continue to keep our office informed of events and news you would like to share with the region – use our website tools as well to share.  The way to create bridges is to share!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Joe Bowman

SEADOM Chief Executive

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