Student and Staff Opportunities

     Subcommittee Members for 2015:
  • Justin Hegburg (Chair)
  • Damrih Banawitayakit
  • Jenny Ang
  • Ramona Mohd Tahir

SEADOM subcommittee for Student and staff opportunities aspires to:

1. assist with facilitating and endorsing of multinational and multi-institutional


2. provide a resource for the dissemination of collaborative opportunities and projects for

both staff and students

3. provide a platform to document and celebrate previous collaborations and inspire new

ideas for future collaborations

Specific projects for 2014/2015

1. Assist theme project proposal that are multi-institutional in nature, to offer logistical

support and disseminate info to other member institutions

Student and Staff Opportunities Breakout Session Summary

Student and Staff Opportunities Theme Reflection Presentation (2015)

To request information regarding this subcommittee please email the SEADOM office at –