Quality in Learning and Teaching

     Subcommittee Members for 2015:
  • Dr. Paul Cesarczyk, Chair
  • Jocelyn L. Guadalupe
  • Josefina B. Antonio
  • Lily Chiam
  • P’ng Tean Hwa
  • Ramona Mohd Tahir
  • Somkieth Kingsada

SEADOM subcommittee for Quality in Learning and Teaching aspires to promote:

1. regional networking of individual teachers;

2. knowledge of the ways that music is taught by SEADOM member institutions;

3. learning about the varied curricula for particular music subjects and programs of study.

Specific projects for 2014/2015

-Collaborate with participating SEADOM members to survey the diversity of Music Theory

and Aural Skills knowledge and its pedagogy

Quality in Learning and Teaching Theme Group Breakout Summary (2015)

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