Professional Development & Community Engagement
(Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sugree Charoensook, chair)

SEADOM subcommittee for Professional Development & Community Engagement aspires


1. Develop strategies to enhance Southeast Asian music institutions’ internal development

2. Advocate and develop community outreach as part of the core curriculum of professional

music training

3. Recognize the importance of equipping music students with business, self-promotion and

networking skills in today’s landscape

4. Challenge music students to be flexible and adaptable through engagement with other

musical traditions or art forms or ensemble playing

5. Shape the community’s expectations of professional levels for music

Specific Projects for 2014-2015

1. Host a presentation/seminar at SEADOM 2016 on professional development in SE Asian

music institutions

Professional Development and Community Engagement Presentation (2015)

To request information regarding this subcommittee please email the SEADOM office at –