Leadership, communication, and advocacy
(Bernard Lanskey, chair)

SEADOM subcommittee for Leadership, communication and advocacy aspires to:


1. take forward music as an area appropriate for international consideration and exchange both through positioning music in the political landscape and through advocating for international exchange and co-operation within our institutions

2. share best practices and opportunities for development between institutions through informal interactions and dedicated short courses in relation to leadership training

3. support national challenges through offering international field-specific expert advice

4. Challenge music students to be flexible and adaptable through engagement with other

musical traditions or art forms or ensemble playing

5. Shape the community’s expectations of professional levels for music

Specific Projects for 2014-2015

1. Use the period between the establishment of SEADOM (October 1st) and the opening of the ASEAN region (January 1st 2015) as a period to prioritize awareness of the development of the association and of its potential for contributing to regional development


1. Maintaining focus on efficiency in communication including recognition of the realistic degree of involvement in international activity

2. Establish a virtual interactive network for SEADOM

Specific Projects for 2014/2015

1. Confirm email list of up to three key post-holders per member institution to be completed by October 1st

To request information regarding this subcommittee please email the SEADOM office at –