Celebrating the New

     Subcommittee Members for 2015:
  • Jean-David Caillouet (Chair)
  • Anothai Nitibhon
  • Hasnizam Abdul Wahid
  • Moe Naing
  • Verne Dela Pena

SEADOM subcommittee for Celebrating the New aspires to:

1. Assist in the creation of a comprehensive archive of Southeast Asia’s musical output

(traditional, classical, contemporary, etc...)

- working together with the traditional music subcommittee *

2. Promote “transcultural” collaborations and creations: (traditional, folk, classical,

contemporary, improvised music, etc...)

3. Create dialogues and encourage the fusion of musical styles (traditional, contemporary,

electro-acoustic, etc...)

4. Develop the infrastructure for collaborations through networks (live streaming of events,

networked performances).

5. Collaborative Research: revisiting and rediscovering traditional music philosophies

through the exploration of oral traditions and improvisations techniques.

Specific Projects for 2014-2015

1. Archival Project: “Virtual Public Platform”

2. Collaboration Projects between students and teachers “Existing Platforms”

To request information regarding this subcommittee please email the SEADOM office at –