Categories of Membership

Active membership
Music schools (conservatoires, colleges, academies or university departments/faculties, etc.) in ASEAN countries, and other equivalent institutions in Southeast Asia, in which full time opportunities exist for students to engage in education and training for the music profession. Each school member designates one representative as the voting member (usually Dean or Director or their appointed representative). Active membership entitles up to 4 people from an institution to attend the SEADOM Congress.

Associate membership
Representatives from institutions, organizations and individuals who have a strong interest in the evolution of an international network for representing the education and training of music professionals in the Southeast Asian region. Institutions outside Southeast Asia can register for SEADOM as Associate Members. Associate membership entitles up to 2 people from an institution to attend the SEADOM Congress.

Honorary membership
Persons or experts or sponsors who are invited by the executive council.

Membership Application Process
Those wishing to become an active or associate member of SEADOM should send a SEADOM application form and a formal letter clarifying the nature of their interest in wishing to become a SEADOM member to the SEADOM Office. For active membership, music schools should also provide detailed institutional information to give a clear picture of their mission. The SEADOM Council decides upon the admission of new members.

Membership Fee
Active Membership – 5,000 Thai Baht or approximately US$ 150 per membership year
(October 1 - September 30)
Associate Membership – 2,500 Thai Baht or approximately US$ 75 per membership year